HX3 Power Supply (wall wart)

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Power supply (wall wart) for HX3 module or expander, input 117 to 240V, output rating 9V / 600mA DC. Plug 5.5/2.1 mm. AC inlet CEE 7/16 AC Europlug type.

Important: On HX3 board JP12 must be removed to enable voltage regulator U21. Voltage regulator IC near FOOTSW jack must be cooled by screwing it to aluminum heat sink or sheet metal (i.e. back panel) of 10 cm² min. HX3 MIDI expander modules are set to 9V input from factory.

Note: For US or Australian type wall power sockets, please use local 9V adaptor instead; should have DC coaxial plug with 5.5mm outer and 2.1 mm inner diameter (plus on center).


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