Video & Audio

HX3 from 2011 to 2021

Youtube HX3 video compilation between 2011 and 2021

with some technical explanations about the design by Carsten Meyer.

Compiled by Roland de Schutter. Thank you, Roland!

HX3.5 Sound Samples

Lutz Krajenski, jazz musician and big band leader from Hannover, has recorded some demo pieces with the HX3.5 sound engine (FW version 5.530) and CaM Rotor for us (audio only):

Abel Boquera, jazz organist from Barcelona, visited KeyboardPartner in Langenhagen to try out the HX3 sound. Demo organ with HX3.5 FW version 5.526, sound taken directly from line output, no external effects.

Each B3 has its own character, no two are exactly alike. But HX3.5 can replicate any. Hal Tsuchida has set up his MAG C-2 (based on HX3) to closely resemble his 58 B3 recapped. He plays chords and licks alternately on the two instruments. Guess: Which one is the original B3?

Marco Ballarani demonstrates the rock side of the HX3.5 sound generator. This is how the tube amp simulation sounds from the CaM Rotor.

HX3.4 Sound Samples

Lutz Krajenski plays the HX3.4 Expander via the Roland Jupiter as MIDI controller in comparison to his Hammond A-100 (right). Please also visit his website for more dates:!

Uhl-Instruments X3-2 ( played by Martin Meixner - Guitar: Christoph Neuhaus - Drums: Christian Huber

Recording: Torsten Bader / Baderstudios (