DIY Upgrade HX3 mk4 to HX3.5

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We supply the new HX3.5 mainboard in exchange for your functional HX3 mk4 mainboard and transfer your licenses. We deduct the price of the licenses (Organ 89 Euro, Rotary Simulation 59 Euro) from the purchase price of the HX3.5 mainboard.

Please note: You are exchanging the mainboard at your own risk. Mounting the new board in our HX3 Drawbar Expander will require soldering skills. The HX3.5 board is not suitable for our XB2 Retrofit Kit.

Please send the HX3 mk4 board to:

KeyboardPartner UG
Ithweg 37
D-30851 Langenhagen

Please send the board with appropiate packing. Do not include acccessories.