HX3 MIDI Expander

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HX3 MIDI expander - the tonewheel organ that creates the legendary HX3 sound in a small box. Controlled completely via MIDI, editable

CC-sets for NI B4, Hammond, Hamichord and may other keyboards. 99 common presets plus 15 voice presets (per manual) to be stored locally.

Accurate stereo rotary simulation CaMRotor and tube preamp simulation for the HX3 sound, unlimited polyphony, three reverb environments created by effects DSP, wave player for General MIDI instruments like pianos and strings.

As an option (extended licence required), the HX3 RealOrgan engine is capable of emulating all electromagnetic organs including the famous H100, combo organs, concert organs of the 70s and 80s like Böhm Orchester und Wersi Helios.

HX3 Expander incorporates the HX3 mainboard and the display unit with illuminated acrylic bezel in a sturdy aluminum case. Menu control through up/down buttons and rotary encoder knob.

Two audio outputs (1/4" jacks), two standard DIN jacks for MIDI IN and MIDI IN/THROUGH/OUT (configurable), 1/4" jacks for swell pedal and rotary control. USB jack for MIDI over USB, parameter adjustment, and updates.

Dimensions 222 x 150 x 42 mm.

Power supply included.

HX3 MIDI Expander User Manual