HX3 mk3/mk4 board

HX3 mk3/mk4 board

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Hammond B3 emulation module HX3, completely stand-alone, for control via MIDI or connected keybeds. Version mk4 with stereo rotary simulation installed. Requires only a power supply (e.g. plug-in power supply) to function, if controlled via MIDI. Alternatively connection of drawbars (sliders), pots, switches and buttons directly possible, keyboards via scan boards (see accessories).

HX3 mk3 or mk4 module tested, current firmware installed, used (return from our upgrade action). With stereo Leslie simulation and second MIDI input (adjustable as output via jumper).

Connection of 18 drawbars (9 per manual) plus 3 drawbars bass 16', 8' and bass sustain (DC controlled inputs 0 to 3.3V), plus potentiometers Leslie Amp 122 Volume, Tone (also DC controlled). Input for swell control voltage or direct connection of a Yamaha FC-7 or similar possible (jack socket). For each function a pushbutton (not latching) with LED or a switch can be used (also mixed). Since all pushbuttons/switches switch to ground, the wiring is especially easy.

Attention: The drawbar boards matching this hardware are no longer available.

Tabstops connections (16 tabs, e.g. on Panel16 or separate switches):

Perc ON


Perc Fast

Perc 3rd

Vib ON upper

Vib ON lower

Leslie RUN

Lesl Slow/Fast

Preset 1

Preset 2

Preset 3

Preset 4

Reverb I

Reverb II

Bass on Leslie

Split Lower

Leslie control also by 1/4" jack (footswitch or Halfmoon switch),
Vibrato rotary switch, 6 positions V1-C1-V2-C2-V3-C3.

Connections: jack 6,3mm footswitch, 1/4" jack Swell pedal (Yamaha FC-7 or similar), DIN-5pol. MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, DC jack 5V or 12V wallwart power supply min. 500mA, 1/4" jack Main Organ/Bass out (2 channel), 1/4" jack Leslie out (Stereo).

Free updater and configurator software "HX3 Remote" available.