WiFi interface for HX3 Expander installation

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Installation of a WiFi interface in the HX3 MIDI Expander (hardware version 3.5 or 3.6) for control by tablet or smartphone via TouchOSC (for iOS and Android devices) with matching antenna.

Module contains a dedicated web server to control HX3 parameters via browser, also a OSC bridge.

The TouchOSC mk1 app must be purchased separately from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

HX3 Touch Control User Manual (PDF)

Please note: For smooth installation, the HX3 MIDI Expander must be equipped with the HX3.5 backpanel (with USB-B socket). For older devices with a mini-USB socket, the backpanel must be replaced. Please order an HX3.5 backpanel with the WiFi interface kit. We add a USB-B socket for soldering on the mainboard.

Please send the device to:

KeyboardPartner UG
Ithweg 37
D-30851 Langenhagen

Please send the device with appropiate packing. Do not include acccessories.