Accessories for Hammond organs


Our frequency inverters / power conditioners SWC-60 and SQC-60 will help you converting US-made Hammonds to European 50 Hz mains, but also serve as transposing/tuning devices (on 117V/60Hz mains, too!)  with our PCC unit attached.

They will supply crystal-controlled constant output frequency even on instable mains, i.e. from outdoor generator units.

The SQC-50 device will allow you to transpose/tune a 230V/50Hz Hammond made in Europe.

Please note: Installation of accessory components may require skills in electronics and soldering.

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Product no.: swc60mk3

Frequency inverter/power conditioner SWC-60 mk3 with 60 Hz output, pure sine wave, noiseless, crystal controlled. For US Hammonds to be used in Europe or on instable mains. Fits all electromagnetic Hammonds, even with self-starting motors.


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Product no.: sqc50mk3

Power conditioner SQC-50 mk3 with 50 Hz output, filtered square wave. For European Hammonds to be used on 50/60 Hz or on instable mains. Fits all electromagnetic Hammonds except those with self-starting motors.


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Delivery weight: 550 g

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Product no.: pccunit

Controller unit PCC for all mk3 power conditioners, with built-in LCD and rotary encoder for simultaneous transposing/tuning in half note or cent steps.

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