Lutz-Krajenski-Trio with HX3

25/09/2012 - Lutz-Krajenski-Trio with HX3


We attended the fair Tastenfestival in Herdecke from Oct 4th to 7th, 2012 (free entrancei!) and presented at B.A.S.S. booth and also on some concerts our HX3-Organs and mods.

Jazz organist Lutz Krajenski is well known in germany due to his work with artists like Roger Cicero, Oli Perau alias Juliano Rossi, Jasmin Tabatabai, Mousse T., Joja Wendt or Stefan Gwildis as big-band leader, producer, arranger and keyboarder. His great love, the Hammond organ B3 from 1955 ("the granny", how he calls her), was left home at his concert on Oct. 6th. at Ruhrfestsaal in Herdecke and OKEY Tastenfestivals. Instead he was playing our HX3 sound engine, built into an B3000 console (old guts discarded). "It is a fully-fledged replacement, but weights less than half of my B3", he said.