Here you can buy, order or test HX3 modules and ready-built instruments with HX3 sound engine:






Tasten ohne Saiten

Inhaber Ewald Balfer
Hauptstraße 171
63829 Krombach

E-Mail: ewald[ät]


Friedemann Goltz
Saaleweg 6
D-34131 Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe
E-Mail: f_goltz[ät]


Hans-Joachim Helmstedt
Hildesheimer Str. 29
D-31171 Nordstemmen
Tel: +49 (0)5069 3716
E-Mail: uepel[ät]


Emil van Woensel
Alte Strasse 44
D-67258 Heßheim


Blue Analoge Sound Systems
Am Sportplatz 4
D-25563 Wrist
(derzeit wg. Erkrankung geschlossen)


Musik Aktiv Schallenberg GmbH
Nordstraße 15
D-33102 Paderborn
Tel: +49(0)5251 / 8990-0
Fax: +49(0)5251 / 8990-19
E-Mail: info[ät]
Company page


MAG Custom Organs
Massimo Ghirardi
Písecká 2231/10
130 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 605 811 504
E-Mail: max[ät]
Company page

Wolfgang Uhl
Oberriffingerstr. 9
D-73441 Bopfingen
E-Mail: info[ät]
Company page


Hirschgraben 5
D-65520 Bad Camberg
Tel: +49(0)6434 / 902416
E-Mail: organ[ät]


Custom MIDI controllers and MIDI remote keyboards are manufactured by:

Christian Radtke
Elsenstraße 69
12059 Berlin
Telefon: 0151-23458335
E-Mail: info[ät]
Company page


US service center:

McIntosh Audio Service
1485 Parkway Dr NW
Salem, OR  97304
phone (01) 503-931-7577 (at)





Industrigatan 1
66533 Kil

All our boards and assembies carry a 2-year warranty. In case of repair, send them well packed to our company address . Repairs may take two weeks to complete.

Please note: We are not able to do repairs and service on Hammond organs and other instruments further on due to time restrictions. Our old web pages with service tips are still available.





Our "old" web pages with repair and tuning tips are still available:

Old main page Hammond-Klinik

Repair and Service Hints for Genuine Hammonds

Capacitor Exchange

T-Series Tuning & Mods

Links on topic Hammond

Schematics and other PDFs

These pages (some in german language) are partly outdatet and should serve as a reference only.