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HX3 is a completely new approach to tonewheel organ emulation. The sound module HX3 uses neither computers nor signal processors, sample players or analog electronics for recreating the genuine tonewheel organ sound. Instead, the original plans of a vintage Hammond B3 have been transferred to a detailed physical model. Just listen to our HX3 demo sound clips!


Now in store: HX3.5

The new tonewheel sound engine is now available. Outward appearance unchanged, it brings up new technology and great enhancements. The new HX3.5 sound engine is capable of emulating all electromagnetic organs including the famous H100, combo organs, concert organs of the 70s and 80s like Böhm Orchester and Wersi Helios. We offer a hardware upgrade for HX3 mk4 devices.


HX3 based organs

Organs based on the HX3 Sound Engine come from MAG Custom Organs (pictured is the new C-2) and from Uhl Instruments (Model X4 V). Excellent instruments with competitive pricing. Also the new Böhm Sempra series is equipped with our HX3 sound engine.


Expander Bundle

Save more than 50 EUR with our HX3 Expander and HX3 Drawbar Controller Bundle!


HX3 Trade-In Offer

You may trade in your used HX3 Plexi Expander and get a HX3 Drawbar Expander (refurbished) for only 789 Euro.

Latest News

Latest News

+++ Tales From The Lab: HX3.5 arrived +++ SWC60 power conditioner available +++ Drawbar Expander und Controller, Sustain und Vibrato +++ Custom build Organs from MAG Organs +++



Please note: We are not able to do repairs and service on Hammond organs and other instruments further on due to time restrictions. Our old web pages with service tips are still available.


HX3 Drawbar Expander
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HX3 MIDI Expander
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HX3 Drawbar Controller
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HX3 Expander Bundle
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HX3 mk5 board
498.00 *
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