XB-2 retrofit kit, complete

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MUSE or DRB chip dead? Many, if not most XB-2 suffer from faulty TG chips which are no longer available. Get your dead XB-2 up and running again with our retrofit kit!

Complete kit consisting of HX3 mainboard (pre-configured for XB-2 with all licences), preamp board with Leslie output stage, LCD/keyboard driver board and cables makes HX3 installation in (defective) Hammond XB-2 a snap. All functions (except pitchwheel) and preset buttons (8 separate presets for upper and lower manual) of XB-2 and LCD functions are retained, additional features of HX3 are available through menu system, including keyboard split, reverb, leakage adjust, MIDI CC set and base channel. Yields much, much better sound than original XB-2 - just search Youtube for "HX3 organ" for some demos.

Please note: Power supply and keyboard of XB-2 should still work, all other circuit boards of XB-2 are discarded anyway. Very easy installation, no soldering required.

User Manual (Wiki)

Installation instructions (Wiki) with pictures


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