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Tales from the lab

Tales from the lab

Our blog covers current developments, future products and tales from the lab. Drawbar Expander arrives,  improved firmware 3.851 with revised scanner vibrato and Sustain, ready-built organs, new US and swedish distributors.

HX3 Description

HX3 Description

HX3 Sound Engine - the tonewheel organ on a single printed circuit board!


HX3 Sample Configurations

HX3 Sample Configurations

Sample configurations - what do I need for my particular application?

Rockin' the HX3

12/08/2013 - Rockin' the HX3

Our customer Marco Ballarini from italian magazine space4keys has recorded some Demos with our HX3 board - now somewhat rockin'!

Home organ museum opening

02/07/2013 - Home organ museum opening

Jazz organist and home organ fan Lutz Krajenski opened his organ museum to public on 06/30/2013.

Bernd Wurzenrainer at B.A.S.S. booth

06/10/2012 - Bernd Wurzenrainer at B.A.S.S. booth

Bernd Wurzenrainer, one of Germany's best organists, came to the B.A.S.S. booth just to have a look - and stayed for an hour, playing our HX3.
Lutz-Krajenski-Trio with HX3

25/09/2012 - Lutz-Krajenski-Trio with HX3

We attend the fair Tastenfestival in Herdecke from Oct 4th to 7th, 2012 (free entrancei!) and present at B.A.S.S. and some concerts our HX3-Organs and mods.

HX3 in concert use by ELOY

01/10/2012 - HX3 in concert use by ELOY

German rock band ELOY uses our "small"  HX3-Organ on thier concert in Hannover, Germany.

HX3 at Max Mutzke

25/05/2012 - HX3 at Max Mutzke

German musician Max Mutzke uses an  HX3-Organ prototype on his ElbJazz concert.



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About us

Unsere Orgel-Manufaktur entwickelt und fertigt seit  über 10 Jahren Baugruppen für Hammond-Orgeln und Clones in einer kleinen Stadt nahe Hannover.

HX3 organ for less than $1000

We have searched and found the right keyboard controller for the HX3 MIDI Expander.