HX3 Sample Configurations

HX3 Sample Configurations

For a simple DIY organ, you just need the HX3 board plus one of our key scan boards. Instead of a key scan board you may also use MIDI from a master keyboard.


You own a (defektive) organ with drawbars, two keybeds and bass pedal:


  • 1x HX3 Mainboard (with or without Leslie option)
  • 1x set OrganScan61 key scanning boards
  • drawbars and switches will be re-used
  • Option: Preset 12 MPX if "inverse" preset keys present


You own a (defektive) organ (e.g. Hammond XB-2) with working MIDI output

  • 1x HX3 Mainboard
  • 1x ButtonTab16 (or re-use switches/buttons present in organ)


You want to make your own cabinet for a compact single-manual DIY organ

  • 1x HX3 Mainboard
  • 1x FatarScan2
  • 1x ButtonTab16 or own switches/buttons
  • 1x set of 9 drawbars (used from eBay or new from BAS Systems)
  • 1x Fatar keybed (models 61TP/8O -Waterfall or 61TP/9S)


DIY organ with two keybeds, with 2x 12 presets like B3

  • 1x HX3 Mainboard
  • 1x ButtonTab16 (or use own buttons/switches)
  • 1x FatarScan2
  • 2x Preset-mpx12
  • 4x set of drawbars (eBay or BAS Systems)
  • 2x Fatar keybed (e.g. models 61TP/8O -Waterfall or 61TP/9S)