HX3 Description

HX3 Description

HX3 is a completely new approach for a tonewheel organ emulation. The sound module HX3 uses neither computers, signal processors, sample players nor analog electronics for recreating the Hammond sound. Instead, the original plans of a vintage Hammond B3 had been transferred to a detailed physical model. HX3 even comes with a top-notch stereo rotary emulation, polyphonic pedal string bass as well as a reverb with three intensities on a compact, self-contained circuit board. Just listen to our HX3 demo sound clips!


HX3 Description

The new concept offers a wealth of advantages: HX3 completely eliminates latency (ie there is no delay between keystroke and sound event), because nothing needs to be calculated - the 91 tonewheel signals are available as in the original all the time and need only be turned on. HX3 polyphony is unlimited - you can press all keys simultaneously without losing notes. HX3 does not crash, because it is based on pure hardware. HX3 sounds natural, because there are no phase relations between the separate digital Tonewheels - and were taken over by the way, of course, all the "shortcomings" of the real HAMMOND(R) organ: leakage / crosstalk, slip and mechanical unbalance of tonewheels (flutter), different harmonic distortion and output voltages of the pickup coils and filter, vibrato / chorus scanner digitally recreated LC delay line, Percussion 2nd/3rd in variations Slow / Fast and Normal / Soft, foldback (repetition of upper drawbars) and precise tapering (volume of drawbars over the entire keyboard), and of course the random mechanically breaking of the 549 key contacts per manual, which produces the typical Hammond(R)-"click." Built-in bass pedal sustain (pedal ist monophone for this purppose) is adjustable. Built-in digital Reverb has three intensities.

HX3 is available as a bare board with accessories for self-installation or as a MIDI expander box. Companies like UHL instruments or MAG custom organs offer complete instruments with HX3 sound engine. This description covers the HX3 mainboard for OEM installation as available through our web shop. OEM applications are welcome.



All on a self-contained module: B3(R) and Leslie(R) emulation, reverb, connections for keybeds, MIDI, drawbars and buttons/switches

You will find complete documentation, schematics and installation instructions in our Wiki; if you do not dare to install it for yourself, please ask a technician.

Tabstops connections (16 tabs, e.g. on Panel16 or separate switches):

Perc ON


Perc Fast

Perc 3rd

Vib ON upper

Vib ON lower

Leslie RUN

Lesl Slow/Fast

Common Preset 1

Common Preset 2

Common Preset 3

Common Preset 4

Reverb I

Reverb II

Output Configuratio

Keyboard Split


Rotary control also by 1/4" jack (double footswitch or Halfmoon switch with center position STOP). Vibrato rotary switch, 6 positions  V1-C1-V2-C2-V3-C3. Direct connection of 20 drawbars (2x9 upper/lower plus bass pedal 16' and 8'), extendable to 38 drawbars (2 sets for each upper and lower keybed by Drawbar9-MPX board). Also potentiometers or drawbars for bass pedal sustain, Rotary amp drive, tone control. Hum-free control via DC levels 0 to 3,3V. Connection on memory indicator LED. Presets extendable to 12 or 16 presets per manual by use of Preset16 boards.

Connections: 1/4" jack 6,3mm Rotary footswitch RUN/STOP and SLOW/FAST, 1/4" jack swell pedal  (Yamaha FC-7 or similar), MIDI IN, MIDI OUT or secondary IN, DC jack 5V or 9V wallwart power supply min. 500mA, outputs 1/4" jacks configurable to stereo rotary, plain organ, amp 122 simulation and separate bass pedals.

Example Installation

Following picture shows an example installation of HX3 with all options (12 presets per manual, double drawbar sets, Leslie Interface) in a Hammond B3000. All old guts in the upper compartment had been removed prior to installation.


Also note our Wiki with all installation manuals and documents!

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Product no.: hx3-exp

HX3 tonewheel emulation module mounted in aluminum box for MIDI control, with display and menu system. Illuminated plexi front bezel, USB port on back panel. Now equipped with the new HX3.5 sound engine!

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Delivery weight: 1,100 g

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Product no.: hx3-dbe

HX3 tonewheel emulation module with complete sets of drawbars for both manuals and bass pedal plus typical organ controls. Controlled via MIDI. Now equipped with the new HX3.5 sound engine!

1,189.00 *
Delivery weight: 5,300 g

In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

Product no.: hx35-board

Hammond B3 emulation module HX3, fully self-contained. New version mk5 with RealOrgan Engine (standard licence)  installed, 24 additional GM Sounds.

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Delivery weight: 200 g

In stock

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