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The extended licence makes the RealOrgan engine capable of emulating all electromagnetic organs including H100, combo organs, several concert organs of the 70s and 80s like Böhm Orchester and Wersi Helios. This includes up to 15 harmonics, up to 12 drawbars per manual with individual mixtures, including phasing rotor (WersiVoice), mechanical and electronic keying available
simultaneously. ADSR envelope available on all drawbars, also H100 percussion and "Harp Sustain". New tone generator switchable from tonewheel to TOS (top octave synthesizer) oder single note mode, loadable generator waveforms for "cheesy" combo organs as well as fully fledged concert organs.

After payment you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our download page. On this page you have to enter your shop order ID as attached in the email as well as your HX3 serial number. Please note: Downloaded soundbank will only work on a device with exactly the same serial number as entered.

Not suitable for older HX3 (mk3/mk4) mainboards!

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Price including German VAT (may differ for your country), plus shipping

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