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Want to tweak HX3 parameters, monitor MIDI controls, edit presets on the fly? The HX3 MenuPanel might fit your needs. Most "secret" HX3 parameters may be edited through menu system, like transposing, key contact damping, percussion volumes and times, vibrato chorus mix, delay line characteristics etc.

Also suitable for MIDI-only expander use without switches and drawbars attached.

Fits all HX3 boards from firmware #3.4x, scan cores #0B and FPGA configuration #27092013 up (older versions need firmware update). Connects to PL4 of HX3 board, also usable along with Preset16 oder Preset24 boards (wired in parallel on same 10-pin cable).

Size 145 x 36 mm, white-on-blue display, standard black buttons, incremental encoder for parameter entry, no indicator LEDs. Distance to front bezel 12mm, bezel gauge max. 5 mm.

Installation/user manual: See our Wiki page


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