WiFi interface for HX3

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WiFi interface for HX3 with matching antenna for control by tablet or smartphone via TouchOSC (for iOS and Android devices).

Module contains a dedicated web server to control all HX3 parameters via browser, also a OSC bridge.

Suitable for self-installation in the HX3 MIDI Expander. This offer is aimed at experienced hobbyists. It requires the soldering a connector strip on the motherboard as well as drilling a hole (diameter 6.2 - 6.5 mm) in the backplane for the antenna connection.

The TouchOSC mk1 app must be purchased separately from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

HX3 MIDI Expander WiFi interface installation guide

HX3.5 Touch Control User Manual (PDF)

Please note: For smooth installation, the HX3 MIDI Expander must be equipped with the HX3.5 backpanel (with USB-B socket). For older devices with a mini-USB socket, the backpanel must be replaced. Please order an HX3.5 backpanel with the WiFi interface kit. We add a USB-B socket for soldering on the mainboard.

Not suitable for older HX3.3/HX3.4 mainboards